Noise Maker, Ukulele and a Balloon

Luke:  On the first day at camp invention, the children brought a small appliance, printer, computer, radio, etc.  that they could take apart and reinvent into something else.  Luke is taking apart one of our old computer keyboards.  This afternoon he told Joey and I that he knows how computer keyboards work.  He is turning it into a noise maker.  This noise maker will supposedly come in handy when Isabel's singing is bothering him, he can turn it on and drown out her voice.  Brothers can be so cruel. Isabel:  Today was her first Ukulele lesson.  Our multi talented friend, Ben, is her teacher.  Today she learned the names of the parts of her ukulele and some finger exercises and strumming exercises.  She loves it and I think she is very good!

Sylvia:  Every two year old has to learn it sometime but it is always so sad.  Today was the day that Sylvia learned that when you let go of a helium filled balloon outside, it doesn't ever come back.