Moldy Bread

Since it is October now, we made a new calendar that Luke, Isabel and Sylvia had fun decorating with drawings of Halloween bats, witches, etc.  We then read our BOM story.  I gave them their new spelling lists and had them write their words. We then started our moldy bread experiment.  Eight pieces of bread, one moist, one wrapped in cellophane and moist, one in a dry light place, one in the fridge, etc.  We made a chart so that each day when we check on our bread, we can write down our scientific observations!!!

We then watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy show that I got from the library on Digestion.  Remember Bill Nye!?  I LOVE him.  The kids thought he was funny.  I then had Isabel draw a picture about digestion and Luke wrote down four things that he liked from the show.  They took a lunch and play break for a while and then a Math Test.  I was going to have a thirty minute individual reading time, but a friend in need called, Sylvia woke up and stuck her hand in her dirty diaper and then it was time to make dinner.

Tonight we will have family home evening.  This morning I had Luke and Isabel plan and prepare for that, and then we will make pumpkin cookies!