McDonald's School

This morning when I woke up I knew what we needed to do.  So while I was still lying in bed, my first words of the morning were, "We need to have breakfast at McDonald's!"  I haven't had McDonald's breakfast in years.  I took our history along and we had a fantastic time.  No one was there (at least not in the play place) and after we ate, we did a history lesson, and then they played.  By the way, I don't like saying history lesson because really it's just me telling them a story from history, while they color a worksheet from the workbook (only if they want to) or do a corresponding word search or something.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE The Story of the World Curriculum???  I know that they love it and are learning because if a word or story from our history pops up during the day (outside of our lesson of course) then Luke and Isabel get excited and say, "Hey! we know about that!"  To me, a good curriculum is one that the kids like (if they don't like, they don't learn) and it needs to be easy for me!  I am seriously thinking that this blog needs to be titled, "The Lazy Home Schooler".

Some pictures from this week...

Here is Luke with a salamander that he caught after scouts this week. I had no idea there were salamanders here in Tucson.

Here is outside of our library.  That's Luke and Sylvia down by the dried up fountain.

Sylvia is constantly making "recipes".  I am pretty nice and like to let my kids do or use things and make messes, but if I had been watching, I would not have let her use our strawberries.  Probably better I wasn't watching.