Martha 1930-1931

This week has been a great week for homeschooling.  I haven't felt that way for quite a while.  Here is a list of things that make me feel like a good mom/homeschoolee: When I...

...feel that I've spent an equal(ish) amount of quality individual time with each child. strict and consistent about their math, chores, video game time and bedtimes. willing and excited to play a game with them, cook or bake with them etc. (or when I'm not lazy.) ...listen to them when they are talking to me (or at least made eye contact and nodded a lot even if I don't know what they're talking about.) ...fix them healthy(ish) meals.

Here are just a few fun things I tried to capture this week...

An email between Luke and Isabel.

(I just tried to copy and paste it but they put so many emoticons in it that it wouldn't work.  HA!)

Picture Isabel drew.  (SO SAD!)

A Harold and the Purple Crayon (or marker) game that Sylvia and I made up.

Sylvia got her new math book.

Music practice.  I taught Isabel Row Row Row your Boat on the guitar and Sylvia made up her own song about "Clare's Wedding."

Isabel lost a tooth.

Joey tried to convince Isabel that the Tooth Fairy is a boy and Isabel didn't believe him for a second.