Made in China

Tuesday night Luke received his Bobcat Badge.  It is really fun to see how much he likes cub scouts.  They played a Musical Chairs game with a twist.  The only way to get out was if you didn't share, so as more and more chairs got removed the boys would have to share their seat or their lap.  Afterward Luke was so excited for me to put his patches on his shirt.  I am very proud of myself that I put them on yesterday since that is the type of easy project I can put off for months.  Yes, easy.  They now have stick on things, no sewing and no ironing.  Oh, and by the way, scouts aren't that patriotic, their patches are made in China.  I love it. Yesterday wasn't a great school day.  I was going to post my ranting email from me to my husband from yesterday afternoon but when I was rereading it, I realized that I sounded very childish and mean.  And of course that would be very misleading since I am FAR from those things.  Kidding, but yes, partly it would be too embarrassing to post and also I would have to have too many paranthasis to tuck into the email explaining the whole situation etc.

To sum it up, I got frustrated because in my oppinion they were taking way too long on their lists (of things to do) and I was irritated that if I wasn't right their holding their hand they would just stare off into space.  It was my fault too since I should have been more patient and realized that they probably still need a little bit of hand holding through things.  I was feeling a little bit selfish.  I wanted to just shove school work at them and then go lay down and will these last few weeks (of my pregnancy) to go by faster.