Lost in Translation? Or Just a Bad Recipe?

This morning we went to "MOPS school" as Isabel calls it. The kids learned about Adam and Eve and did fingerprint art. A doctor came in and taught us moms about CPR, choking, colds, etc. After lunch and playing outside, I read to Luke and Isabel about Brazil from The Coming to America Cookbook by Joan D'amico and Karen Eich Drummond. I love this book. I checked it out from the library a few months back and knew I needed to buy it. It will have a couple of pages devoted to briefing the landscape, history, culture and food of a certain country and then about two to four recipes afterward from that country to try. Sadly the Brazilian Corn Cake that we tried afterward just didn't work out. I really think there must be a typo in the recipe. I know what you are thinking, sure, blame it on the recipe, but really, the batter seemed way too thin and didn't cook but turned into bubbling burnt goo. Either there was too much milk or not enough white flour in it. Luke and Isabel had the thought that maybe in Brazil, a cake is different than what we (in the U.S.) think a cake is. Very insightful on their parts, but I don't think that Brazilians idea of a cake is goo.

Luke and Isabel then wrote a letter to their great grandmother. Luke then wrote to his friend Matthew and to Mallory. Mallory is a friend of Luke's from when we lived in Utah four years ago. In his letter he asks her if she wants to be pen pals. We shall see. Oh, here is Luke's letter to Matthew. (Note: Aden is Luke's other friend, but don't ask me what "on my shoulder" is supposed to mean.)