Latitude and Longitude

From the book, Latitude and Longitude by Rebecca Aberg, we learned about (what else but) latitude and longitude. They learned words like, equator, prime meridian, hemisphere and grid. We looked at the lat. and long. lines on our globe and atlas. Afterward with a ruler, pencil and paper, they made their own world with a grid labeled abc... and 123... Luke got really into his own imaginary world with scores of islands named Toon Island, Discover Island, Wow Isle, Kid's League Island and on and on. It sounds like that was a great lesson there, but they were driving me nuts today. I don't know if it's because I am not in a very flexible mood or if they were indeed extra crazy, touching everything, interrupting skipping off, etc. And Sylvia didn't help by stripping down naked and escaping outside during everything. Tomorrow we are just going swimming. (and maybe math and reading.)