Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts

Almost a couple of years ago I emailed a publisher complimenting a book I really liked that they had published (Fairy Tale Feasts by Jane Yolen, Philippe Beha and Heidi  E. Y. Stemple.)   She replied to me, then passed my email along to the authors and illustrator.  The other day I received an email from Heidi E. Y. Stemple.  She created the recipes for the book. Hello Sabrina--

A long time ago you wrote to Interlink books to compliment my book Fairy Tale Feasts.
You said you hoped there was another book like it.  I came upon your email in my inbox today while cleaning out the (oops) 374 saved emails and I thought I should write to tell you that we are, right now, working on a Jewish Fairy Tale Feasts.
It will take a couple years to come out (I'm just working on the recipes) but, it will eventually show up at a bookstore near you.
Back to the kitchen!
Heidi Stemple
Maybe she was just trying to advertise the new book, but still, I think it was very nice of her to email me!