It Wont Always Be Like This

I have been getting in a good five to seven hours of broken sleep each night which is great for having Hazel in the house.  She is actually a very good newborn and doesn't cry very much, but even good newborns are pure evil.  Okay okay, maybe not pure evil but I've always thought that even the good part about newborns (that they are so teensy tiny and cute) you can't even enjoy because you are too tired, or worried that you will pop their flimsy arms off when trying to shove them through the arm holes in the onsies, or you are just too busy doing all of their vomity laundry.  I am actually very happy and love my new little baby, but my point in saying all of this is that with a newborn in the house it is quite busy. Last night I went to bed late partly because of a puking incident from the little angel.  I told Joey not to get the kids up and going on school in the morning since I didn't have their lists ready and knew I wouldn't be up and going.  This morning the kids played in the backyard while I worked on showering, feeding Hazel, cleaning up the dishes (yes from last night) and making their lists.  After that I had a talk with Luke and Isabel to make sure that they know that little babies need to eat every few hours and so they are up in the night.  I explained to them that there will probably be days where I am not as organized as I should be but that it wont always be like this.  I was obviously more worried about it than they were, but I do fear that Luke is concerned about being on a schedule and doing enough.

Luke and Isabel did most of their lists but will probably have to finish everything this afternoon or tomorrow.  Right now they are at their Social Studies class that they have with their friends and conducted by another homeschooling mom (phew, some structure in their day today.)