Invisible Girls

This week is review week for Luke and Isabel. Actually I think the "review" will be done by tomorrow. I mostly want to see if they remember the things they've been memorizing. This morning I gave them a blank U.S. map and had them fill in the states. I then had them play this game online to see if they knew their capitals. Tomorrow I will see if they remember their Articles of Faith.  Other than that, we've just been reading Princess Academy together.  I know the book sounds girlie, but Luke loves it too. Here is something I always want to remember.  Every Saturday night my kids take baths and lay out their church clothes for the next morning.  My girls have so much fun making their "invisible girls."  They get very upset when Luke comes in their room and stomps on the invisible girl's heads!  Very funny.  (and yes, I did let Sylvia wear those ruby red shoes with her yellow and pink dress.)


Isabel put these wash cloths on Hazel's back and head and called her Super Baby.