How to be Luke's Friend

This morning we got caught up reading our mummy books. One of the books is a Google e guides Mummy book that has a website to go along with it. On each page in the book it will have a keyword, for examples, Palermo, Asian mummies, Mexican mummies, underworld, etc., that you can type in on the website and it will give you more information, pictures, etc. As I've said before, fascinating, although we will (okay probably just I will) have nightmares tonight. We learned about the pancreas and liver today, then cut and glued them onto their paper bodies. Isabel and I had a "Word War." I would write a word and she would have to think of a word that rhymes and write it down. Then she writes another word for me to find a rhyme. Luke wrote in his journal. One of his journal starts was, "Three things I look for in a friend are..." I love what high standards he has for his friends, "1. Not mean. 2. Video game fan. 3. My age." Then math worksheets.