Hooray for Luke!

Luke finished his goal of reading 10,000 pages! He has certainly reminded me a few times that he did NOT read 10,000 pages but 10,030. He chose to have a family party. After work, Joey picked up some of Luke's favorites, sushi, apple pie and grape soda. Joey also bought and set up a little tent in the backyard for them to sleep in. In Luke's world, it's not a party unless you are playing five player Super Smash Brothers Brawl together. So we endured enjoyed that. Joey also bought the game Monopoly (yeah I know, we didn't own it until last night, sacrilege) after the girls were asleep in the tent we played with Luke. Luke and I couldn't even keep our heads above water in that game while Joey was building hotels. It was so funny to see how into it he got. The whole night Luke was being extremely silly and talking loudly. For Luke a sure sign he is having a blast. 004