History Par-tay!!!

Yesterday we had our very last lesson from the book, Story of the World.  I love this book for history.  It is in chronological order and written as a story (less textbookishly).  I am so impressed with how many things Luke and Isabel (and even Sylvia) have learned.  I am also happy that I have learned a lot as well.  Going through this book is just more proof to me that I NEVER listened or knew what was going on in school.  How come no one ever told me about this neat guy...what's his name?  Julius Caesar?  Speaking of him, we ended with the fall of the Roman Empire so our party's theme was, you guessed it, the Roman Empire.

We had friends over to celebrate with us.  Here is Isabel making the deviled eggs (I guess Roman's ate a lot of eggs??)

Luke cut and prepared the grapes.

Once I said the word "Party" Sylvia had to have a party hat for it.  Here she is helping me make the pizza dough.  Pizza without marinara sauce mind you.  I guess in ancient Rome that's the way they did it.

Hazel washed the dishes...yeah right.

I don't have any pictures of the actual par-tay because we were having way too much fun matching Latin and English words as well as making our own mosaics.

I am not so sure they had Italian Sodas back then :)  and somehow there were some homemade Chinese lanterns at this party.  But I guess we learned about Ancient China as well, so they were appropriate.