Happy Sylvia Day!

Luke and Isabel are going to Camp Invention all day Tuesday through Friday. It is great and I am sure I will share more details another day, but today was SYLVIA DAY! No, not her birthday, just a day where I did all fun things for Sylvia. This morning we first went to the grocery store and I told her, "Pick any balloon you want!" because how much can a balloon be, right? Well apparently balloons can be ten dollars because Sylvia picked a ten dollar one. Who knew? Obviously not me. We then went to Target and I let her pick out a toy from their dollar section (she picked a little pink alien toy.) Then to her favorite place in the world (and mine) COSTCO! For a hot dog of course. And last to Daddy's work to say hello and help ourselves to the chocolates in the break room.

In front of Daddy's work.


A little indian brave (Luke's cub scouts.)