FREE Hello Kitty Rubbings!

0021 With Luke it is obvious what he is into, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Nature, and Computers.  With Isabel it's not so concrete.  Lately she likes to sit at the table (see above) and be in charge of something.  The other day it was making Hello Kitty after Hello Kitty with her little rubbing kit.  She then made a "Free" sign and set them up in her room.  Joey and I took one but there are plenty more to be had.  So if any of you have been dying for an awesome crayon rubbing of Hello Kitty come on over.


Today she sat at the table and announced that she was a lady who wrote things for people if they needed something written.  I grabbed a piece of paper and wrote down the names of her four Webkinz animals in cursive.  I then pretended to be a customer and asked Miss Vincent if she would please copy my animal friend's names three more times in cursive on the paper and then write Webkinz at the bottom.  Well she did a beautiful job as you can see below.  She even traced it all with black marker!....fancy.


She also loves to do the self check out at the library and when we are at a store and I am using a credit card, she always wants to sign her name and push the buttons (which of course I say no to the signing her name of course.)  What do you think this means?  She likes to be in charge of things?  Maybe she should be in a job where there is a lot of paperwork with fun signing, stamping and filing.