First Day of School

ba;ljdiow 016 This year we are going to only have school Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Exceptions are that they will do one math worksheet every day (well, Mon. through Fri.) and practice their instruments every day.  I am very hopeful about this new schedule for a few reasons.  My thinking is that if the kids know that on those days they are expected to WORK, they will be more willing and up for it.  Also, if we have two of the workdays off, then that allows me to not feel guilty if we have to have an errand day or just a day where I don't have to panic and think, "What else can I give them to do?!"  Well, I don't know if those reasons make sense to anyone else, but I feel very excited about our new schedule.  I'll spare you the details, but today they both worked very hard and got a lot done.  Most importantly, I think that it wasn't torture at all for them and they got to do a lot of things they enjoy.  Sylvia now takes dance classes every Monday morning!  Alright, now it is time for Luke and I to put Attack of the Robo Chickens Three up!!!