Even More Safety Nerd Proof

Last week, somehow it came up that Luke and Isabel didn't know about the Titanic, so while we were eating lunch I told them the story (my own very brief and general knowledge about it.) Then, today Luke read on a Nevada license plate "The Silver State" and I explained that Nevada is called the silver state because they used to mine for silver in the Nevada mountains. I then told them (more of my very brief knowledge) about the 1849 California Gold Rush. Realizing that they had never heard these stories before, made them seem new to me as well, and I felt a sense of reappreciativeness (absolutely not a word.) But do you get what I mean? Okay, so here is the safety nerd part: This is all Luke gets out of the historic stories I've recently told them....

"Things that happened in the past really make you not want to do things, like ever go on a boat." --Luke a.k.a. Safety Nerd

In my opinion, that is taking "learn from the past" a little bit too far.