Esophagus, Bar Graphs and UG!

We are starting out our science project with the digestive system. From the load of books we got at the library we learned about the mouth and esophagus. We got one of dad's socks and a baseball to show the bolus (chewed up food) traveling down the esophagus. Luke and Isabel got a chance to squeeze the ball through the sock. They then colored a picture of an esophagus, cut it out and glued it to their paper bodies on the wall. Here is a fun Valentine's school activity that I also stole from my friend, Kollen.  I gave Luke and Isabel their own box of conversation hearts and had them chart how many of each color on a bar graph.

Luke and Isabel then did their Math worksheets.  Joey and I told them that when Luke finishes his math workbook then he and I can go to the sushi restaurant that we like and when Isabel finishes her workbook, then she and Joey will go to a breakfast restaurant that they like.  Still quit a few weeks away, but they are excited.

This afternoon we went to the park for a P.E. class with other home schooled kids.  I told Luke and Isabel all about it and they were excited to go, but when we got their neither one of them wanted to go and participate, so I threatened them with a "Then we will go home."  And they said, "okay."  I was so irritated.  You know those times when you think you are doing them a favor and that they will have fun....UG!