Ella Enchanted

Last night we finished our read aloud book Ella Enchanted.  I remember reading this story as a teenager and really liking.  This time I enjoyed it just as much.  Luke and Isabel probably thought I was a really nice mom always wanting to read to them, but I really just wanted to get back to the story.  It is a Cinderella story but with a lot more details, character development etc.  There is a lot of action and adventures in it but I still wondered if it would be too girly for Luke, but he loved it.  Today I reread the description of Ella's dresses from each ball she went to and had Isabel draw a picture of how she imagined them.  (I love the cleavage.) ball

Since there wasn't ever a detailed description of the ogres in the book, I had Luke write down a description for them and then draw a picture.  Luke wouldn't let me put his description and picture up since it didn't come out exactly the way he wanted it to.  Tomorrow we will watch the movie which I am sure is not as good as the book but maybe we can talk about the similarities and differences.