Don't Neglect Your Great Gift

For MOPS yesterday the kids got a visit from John Fredericks the Channel 3 News weatherman. I guess he taught them basic weather principles and they got their picture on the news this morning! DSC07078

The mothers had a speaker, Jennifer Laughrun.  She gave a very motivating speech on working on our marraige, especially, taking care of our husband.  I really took great notes, on my "Sabrina School" pad of paper by the way, but to keep it short, here are just a few things that I thought were really great...

-The biggest thing that will help your relationship is to pray for your husband and to pray with him.

-The male ego is what keeps men driven, providers, etc. so make your husband look big in other peoples eyes, especially in your children's eyes.  Let him know you are his biggest fan.

-If you have high expectations and low gratitude for your husband you have deflated him.

-Have fun.  Get out of the house and do something together that he likes.

-Take care of him.  Is he the type of person that would really appreciate it if you organized his closet?  Or made him his favorite meal?  Or surprised him with a gift?

In the end Jennifer said, "Don't neglect your great gift."  Telling us that our husbands are a gift from God.