Dirty Jobs

Our family loves the show, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.  What do kids love more than things that are funny and disgusting?!  What do parents like more than TV shows for their children that are informative (and that the parents can actually enjoy watching as well.)

Lately Sylvia especially loves it.  Yesterday she came into our room and informed us that she's not afraid to do a dirty job and asked what kind of dirty job we need done.  I had her throw away a dirty diaper and told her that I didn't know if she could do a job that was that dirty.  She fearlessly did it and came back asking for more.  I told her that there were syrupy breakfast dishes on the table (it was almost dinnertime, DON'T JUDGE ME!) that she could take to the kitchen counter.  Five or ten minutes later we found out that she went around to each plate squished her hands into the syrup then wiped them all over her clothes, I am sure so that she could look as fun as Mike Rowe.  She got the dirty part but missed the JOB part of the whole thing.

Picture by Sylvia