Did I Just Call the Bible Obnoxious?

I must say that I absolutely love The Story of the World.  I love that it is in chronological order, I love that it reads like a story book and not like a text book, and I love that it incorporates the history of the Bible without being obnoxious.  (Did I just call the Bible obnoxious?)  Oh, and I love that I am learning history along with them.

Monday's history lesson was a fun lesson about the Phonecians.  I guess the Phonecians were expert glass makers and expert glass blowers.  They were also the only ones who could make the color purple.  Luke was convinced that since purple was so expensive, no one would buy it.  I then had to explain that that is just the reason why people would buy it, to show that they were rich enough to own purple.  That then led to comparing it to now days.  I love how silly that seems to children...as it should to everyone of course.  Now whenever Isabel sees glass or the color purple, she thinks that it must be expensive.

Here they are making their colored glass (wax paper and crayon shavings.)

And now we have a gorgeous back door.