Degas and Rockwell

What we learned today (July 8, 2009) Edgar Degas -1834 to 1917 -Paris, France -Ballerinas, Jockeys and bathing women -chose to be alone -became blind so he sculpted

Norman Rockwell -1894 to 1978 -Painted every day or historic America -Painted for Boys' Life (Boy Scouts of America Publication.) -Painted 321 original covers for The Saturday Evening Post over 47 years. -Painted portraits of four presidents of the United States.

At the end of Edgar Degas life he was nearly blind and so he sculpted.  The kids had fun sculpting things out of playdough while blindfolded.




My kids loved this Norman Rockwell picture of "Uncle Scott."


Since they have already learned about Jackson Pollock, they thought that this Rockwell was fun as well.