Child Services at my door.

In our housing community we have a great pool, exercise equipment, playground, and today best of all...a little school room! This morning, my neighbor, Hisu, an art major, gave our kids an art lesson. "Our" was, my friends, Sophea, Monica, Maila (fellow homeschooler) and of course all of our kids. Hisu had a project for the older kids and a separate one for our little two year olds. We also had snacks and let them play on the playground. [youtube=]

After we got home and had lunch, I was only able to get Luke to practice a few spelling words then watch his new Math lesson and do a worksheet. Isabel was all schooled out. I worry a lot about if I am teaching enough, but when I think about it, I'm pretty sure Luke and Isabel aren't behind in anything and they are rarely bored so I guess everything is good.

Last night I had a nightmare that child services came to my door and took my children away from me while I frantically tried to prove to them that I WAS indeed teaching. hahaha.