Census, Produce Stickers and a Tear of Joy

This morning for school we filled out our 2010 Census.  I remarked that since the last Census, their dad and I have added four more people to the population count.  Isabel came up with the great idea that we could add four more people by the time the 2020 Census comes around...uh....no.

I bet your produce sticker collection isn't as cool as ours.

Yesterday Sylvia enthusiastically told us this story, "I was in the backyard and I had a tear on my face!  Do you know why?!  Because..." and then she burst into song.  Here is the song she has been singing ever since.


The only other information we got about this odd story/song was that it was a tear of joy.  I guess that song (Don't Let me Go by The Fray) really moved her.