Break's Over

I was worried about starting school this week but knew that having my kids on a schedule would really help.  It has.  What also helps a lot is that Joey has been getting the kids up, ready, and working on their math in the morning to give me some extra time to sleep, feed Hazel or just to get myself together. Luke has been asking me about World War 1 lately and it made me realize that I sure don't know much about it.  On the library's website I have requested a lot of children's books on the subject.  I know that my grandmother has a memory of the celebration of the end of the war in 1918 so I wrote her a letter requesting a written account of it.

It is always more difficult to know and figure out what Isabel is interested in.  Right now I am reading the book, Kirsten's Surprise: A Christmas Story (American Girls Collection.) Isabel seems to be enjoying it and so far I think it is a great way to teach history or just time periods.