Art History/Art Class

Today I taught our first Art History lesson.  Luke and Isabel are in the class of course as well as Mason, Kyla, Ben and Luke S.  I first showed them pictures of many different kinds of art; paintings, sculptures, dancers, music, jewelry, landscaping, furniture, clothing, buildings, logos, etc.  With each picture I asked, "Is this art?"  They caught on pretty quickly that the answer was always yes.  We then discussed the seven elements of art and they got to practice drawing each element.  They are such a good group of kids and I love seeing how excited they are about learning.  Next week we will be learning about Leonardo Da Vinci and Jackson Pollock. The 7 Elements of Art
The elements of art are the components used to create, or build, a work of art
Line – is a mark, or hatch mark, made on a surface.
Shape – An enclosed area defined by line, color, value, texture, space, or form.
Form – Encloses volume. (cube, sphere, pyramid, and cylinder)
Value – Light and dark Texture - The tactile (touch) quality of a surface or its representation, what a surface appears to feel like.
Color - (Hue) Space - The creation of visual perspective, and the illusion of depth; the distance around, between, above, below, and within an object or group of objects

Zack and Sylvia played happily together the whole time.  Speaking of Sylvia, yesterday she asked me, "Can the toaster be my pet?!"  She asked so sweetly I would have said yes but I quickly invisioned her plugging in her "pet" and feeding him with a metal spoon.