A Quick Road Trip to a Wedding

Last weekend we went to Colorado Springs, CO, for my older brother's wedding. We decided to make a little road trip of it and travel in a loop. From Las Vegas, NV to Flagstaff, AZ. Next, to Sante Fe, NM and up to Colorado Springs. Then the "fast" route home through Utah and back to Las Vegas. Colorado 003

Colorado 004

We had never been to Sante Fe before. What a pretty city. We were able to visit the Georgia O'Keeffe museum (to prevent any priceless paintings being destroyed by Sylvia it was a very quick run though.) We then took a scenic drive up through Taos, NM where O'Keeffe lived.

Colorado 045

The wedding was a fun outdoor event. It was so great of them to have a fun kid's table with games, coloring, Mad Libs, etc. Especially since our kids were pretty much the only kids there.

kids table

Vern and Clare

vern and clare

Vern and Clare kiss