ACEOs: Greek Gods

Luke, my ten year old, is a Greek mythology nut!  He has been asking me to make some ACEOs of the Greek gods.  I told him that he should make some.  Come to find out, he doesn't like making ACEOs (weird) so he is making some sketches of them instead, which by the way he wont let me put up on the blog :(

Since I am not up on the Greek gods, Luke made me a list of supposedly all I need to know.  (I love how that one sentence falls down the page, so cute.)

Before you make fun of his golden chicken wings, know that this is him...ZEUS!  (I figure he has to have some kind of wings if he is going to be god of the sky.)






First thing you think of when hearing, god of war???  Chubby freckled redhead kid sporting a salmon colored jumpsuit.


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