Mini Time Machine Museum

We have an annual pass to the Mini Time Machine Museum (a museum of miniatures.)  This morning was just another visit until I learned that they are now allowing picture taking!  I went a little nuts.

Kewpie!!!  I like how there's a stained glass window with Kewpies on it.  It makes them look so holy.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

There is a collection of about one hundred of these little three inch shoes.  Isabel and I had fun picking out which ones we would like to wear.

Heaven to Seven

The Mermaid Bath Shop

Doll Shop

Il Dolce Negozio (the sweet....?  the candy....?  translation someone?)

This is an amazing doll house made by a clock maker in 1880.  Every piece moves.

Here is the back of the house.

Wish I could go shopping at Farrows.

I love this gaggy frilly bedroom.  I am a scary giant.

I can't remember what this shop is but I love the little girl with her grandfather.

These dolls are tiny.  Their heads are a grain of wheat.  They even have little painted on eyes and mouth.

This doll house is huge.  I love the wallpaper, hanging pictures and all of the little details.  There are presents on a bed and a bridal dress in one room and treats and a wedding cake in another, as though they are preparing for a wedding.

Who wants to play dolls with me!?