Color Pages!

Last night around 11:30 I realized that I promised my peeps they would get a surprise underneath their pillows in the morning.  Feeling pretty sure they were not going to be impressed with just a piece of gum this time, I drew a couple of quick pictures for my two girls to color.  My son, I was about to draw a crazy insect man but realized that he can draw that kind of thing better than I can so instead I left him a note under his pillow that I would teach him a silly trick.  Nothing for Hazel.  When you are still in a crib you don't get a prize under your pillow.  Sorry fourth child!

Here is Isabel the Veterinarian (For some coloring fun, click on the image then print!)

Sylvia the Clown (click on the image then print!)

Mind you, I did these in tired half darkness, knowing that my girls wouldn't care that they weren't perfect.  Here they are colored.

I love how Sylvia added a little red clown nose.