Six Patron Saints ACEOs

While protecting orphans with her petticoat, Saint Lulu Bell was killed by a lightning strike, thus becoming the patron saint for children.

Saint Lulu Bell

Saint Kimberly became the patron saint against the heebie jeebies when she was executed for exterminating all of the rats in town.  Five minutes after her execution, they found that the rats were in fact contaminated with the heebies AND the jeebies and that she had saved the town.

Saint Kimberly

Saint Chuck became the patron saint of magic tricks after he was burned at the stake for witchcraft.  His crime?  Magically finding coins behind people's ears.

Saint Chuck

Saint Tiffany became the patron saint of hair styles. The day after she was banished from the community for wearing her hair down, it became the new fad!

Saint Tiffany

Saint Bruce became the patron saint for fantastic clever handsomeness during the recession when sainthood was up for sale.

Saint Bruce

Saint Harry became the patron saint for peace after he was beheaded for the satanic symbol on his shirt.  It was later discovered to be a peace sign.

Saint Harry

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