The Hunger Games ACEOs

You can call me a juvenile dork all you want, I will never be ashamed to say that I love reading young adult books (or "Y.A. books" as they say it in the library).   The following paintings were inspired by my current favorite book, The Hunger Games by Susanne Collins.

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Katniss Everdeen is too busy shooting arrows at people and certainly does not have time to stop and decide which boy she should choose.

Peeta Mellark is the strong silent type and if he likes you enough, he just might burn some bread for you!

Whatever Cinna tells you to wear, you wear it.

Primrose Everdeen enjoys taking care of homeless cats and watching her sister kill people on T.V.

Beautiful little Rue.

Last but not least, Gale Hawthorne.  Really?!  Your dad died in the mine too?!  Awesome!  We're twins!  Let's go hunting together!

I highly recommend this book (isn't that what you say at the end of a book report?)  Ah, if only book reports in school could have been illustrated or in comic book form.