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Our Garden

This is not quite a before picture of our garden.  Originally there were so many filler rocks that we had no idea there was concrete underneath.  It took many wheelbarrow fulls of rocks to get it all uncovered.

We also found some old sprinklers.

Joey and Luke adjusted and fixed all of the sprinkler lines.

Luke grew seedlings.

Fletcher Brinkerhoff gave us a composting lesson.

Getting things set up.




Family Field Trip on the City Bus

Friday morning we ate at Frank's.  Can't beat $1.75 breakfast!

Waiting for the city bus (or the "Sun Tran")

While waiting for the bus we saw this bus.

Pole dancing on the bus.

Don't ask.

Chasing birds in the park.

Did you know Tucson has a Trolley!?  That will be our next family field trip.

We walked around 4th street where there are many artsy, vintage, health, and book shops.  Also, twice a year they have the 4th street art fair here.

A little kokopelli family in the floor at the health food market.

Luke's favorite shop was this plant store where we got a lesson on carnivorous plants.  We learned about the ten foot corpse plant.   It eats a whole rabbit or a pig every 5 to 7 years.



How to Write a Haiku

Our lesson in history today was about the Yamato Dynasty in Japan.  Did you know that it is the longest running dynasty and is still in rule today?!  Here are some beautiful Haiku's... Summer by Luke

Sun is shinning bright In summer plants and flowers bloom The grass is so wet

Spring by Isabel

Trees are full of leaves Butterflies are colorful Birds are graceful

Swimming by Sylvia

Swimming, jumping, splashing Daddy is a cannonball Falling cool water

Teaching your children to create a Haiku is a great activity.   They love to count the syllables and create a beautiful scene with words.  The rules are simple...

Haiku Rules

1.  A Haiku is three lines -first line is five syllables. -second line is seven syllables. -third line is five syllables.

2.  The subject of a Haiku is nature.

3.  The purpose of a Haiku is to paint a picture in your mind, NOT to tell a story.