Worries and Questions about Home Schooling Part II

Below is a comment to a recent reader of my blog: So you do summer home school with your children by having reading time and some Math and you don't think you are doing such a great job??? And you feel guilty for wanting alone time with your husband??? It is so sad (and all too familiar) that you would say those things. I think the two biggest things that cripple us as women and mothers are not having confidence in our abilities and guilt. You are obviously a very capable teaching mother and you have five kids...OF COURSE you want alone time. I don't care if you home school or not, finding out what is best for your children through prayer is the best thing you can do for them, which you are already doing. So good job.

And as for those perfectionist home schooling moms that always have their house cleaned, keep a tight schedule, bake their own bread and prattle on about how their kids can name all the bones in the human body, well, between you and me, we hate them. Actually, I don't think they exist and if you want to feel good about yourself, look at my blog some more. I am the perfect example of NON perfectionist and "what's easiest?"

Yes, small world! I thought that was you, but Joey didn't recognize your married last name. Really, you seem like such a wonderful mom and just do what you feel. I never thought I would home school my children, but here I am and it has surprisingly been such a wonderful experience for me (I really think and hope for them too.)