Two Segues

This morning I took the kids to the park for an hour and a half. It was such nice weather and they loved it. By the time we got home it was lunch and so today was afternoon school. We had our Christmas candle, story, scripture and song. Next I read a Popcorn book to them since last week grandma had a popcorn day where they did all kinds of stories, games and lessons about popcorn. We learned that a lot of people think that there was corn and popcorn at the first Thanksgiving but that is not so. Corn came along later and the colonists used popcorn as a cereal, instead of a treat or snack, with milk and sugar.

This segued into our next project: making up our own cereals. They drew a picture of their cereal with the box and then listed what the ingredients are and how it tastes. With Luke I went further (or I should say HE went further as usual) by listing what stores he wants his cereal sold at, a pencil as a prize inside. He even listed "ALL NEW!" and "HEALTHY!" on his box. He priced his cereal at $3.00 a box. He told me that he made it low priced so that people would buy it. Isabel's cereal was "Corn Loves" and Luke's, "Fish Stix."

Another segue, from cereal boxes into our grocery geography lesson. My mother sent me a forwarded email that had pictures of a family in another country with a weeks worth of their groceries laid out on the table. Luke and Isabel loved looking at the globe, atlas and Google Maps of course to find where the family in Sicily is, Japan, Ecuador, etc. They also liked looking at the groceries and seeing if we buy any of the same things. A few days ago Isabel had written on a piece of paper names of places she wants to go to. Texsiss (Texas),  Nuwrf Pooll (North Pole), Afrcu (Africa) Sat Jorj (Saint George), Callufnya (California), Huwuee (Hawaii) and Saf Poll (South Pole). We looked each one up on the globe.

I then had Isabel look in her My First Book of Sign by Pamela J. Baker book and learn seven words in sign language that she would have to be the teacher and teach us. While she was doing that, Luke was working on compound words. They then watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy DVD on The Earth's Crust. Afterward I paid them for their chores from last week and had Luke, Isabel and Ryan clean up Luke's room although Luke and I were the ones doing all the work. Luke had piano tonight and is learning Christmas songs!