Tuesday: Our Errand Day!

Tuesday is our errand day.  We certainly run errands on other days of the week, but Tuesday is when we go crazy.  Luke and Isabel have piano for an hour and a half in the morning so that means that I get a couple of errands done with only two kids (wish they were the easy two.)  Since our errands are so much fun and exciting I think I will list them... 1.  drop off Luke and Isabel at piano 2.  go to scout office to buy Webelos paraphernalia 3.  let Sylvia waste her Target gift card on some toy hamsters 4.  pick up Luke and Isabel 5.  eat at Wienerschnitzel for the first time (it was wieneriffic!) 6.  buy huge sheet of watercolor paper at art store 7.   go to Office Max to use their cutty thingy to make huge sheet less huge 8.   watch people at the post office give me and my ketchup faced kids dirty looks. 9.  pick up papers to fill out

All in all it was a good errand day.  Here we are at Wiener Schneezer's (as Sylvia calls it.)

Sylvia loved that she could touch the roof.

And I loved this guy's pony tail.  No seriously, I want my hair to be long enough to do that.