The Dentist and Regrouping

This morning, Luke and Isabel had dentist appointments. I loaded their clip boards with Math sheets and spelling words and headed out. In the car we listened to our Learning Spanish in the car CD. While Luke was getting his teeth cleaned I worked one on one with Isabel. She did her Math and two stories in her Princess reading comprehension book. When it was Luke's turn, he read his Big Book of Knowledge.

After the dentist, we had lunch with a couple of friends. When everything settled down a little, I wrapped a couple of presents for some upcoming parties. While I was doing that Luke was making a game. I wasn't paying much attention, but when he was finished he wanted to play it with someone so I volunteered. He had made a board game by drawing squares on paper with a "Go ahead two spaces" (or something of that sort) in a few of the squares. The game pieces were a rock (Power Man) and a stick (Line Man.) There were about six pieces of sticky note paper stuck to the game board with questions on them. The questions were all about Power man and Line man. Example: Who is Power Man's enemy? What does Power Man use as obsticles? Does Line Man have an army? If you got a question correct, you could move two squares, incorrect, only one, AND we were timed with a little two minute hourglass timer while answering.  VERY creative game. Maybe you will see it in stores soon.

Isabel and Sylvia played with toys while I worked with Luke on Math. Today he learned a new concept, "Regrouping" or as my generation knew it, carrying. It was great to see him go from, "I don't get it" to enlightenment. After he completed his worksheet, I informed him that now that he knows how to regroup, he can add anything. I wrote down a couple of six or seven digit numbers and let him add them together. He seemed very excited that he could do it.