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Vacation slash Field Trip

No, I haven't died. Last week we went on a vacation slash field trip with my mom and dad up to Utah. Then this week I have been struggling to get my house cleaned and organized so we did very little school, and now tonight we are going to head to California to visit my family and on Monday go to Disneyland. Here is a summary and a whole lot of pictures from our trip.

When my parents were here in Las Vegas we went to Red Rock and took the Children's Discovery hike. In the desert plants we saw many catapillar nests like this one and at the end of the hike there was a waterfall! A very small desert trickle of one, but nevertheless, A WATERFALL!



First of all, when we got to Utah, it SNOWED. The kids sure thought it was fun, but I was just cold.



We visited Wheeler Farm which was very impressive and FREE! They had goats, cows, horses, chickens, ducks, turkeys, and pigs.  They even had a tree house!






We also went to the planetarium and watched a movie about mummies. Next we went to the Children's museum. I really wouldn't recommend it. It was very overpriced and all it was was a cute little play town. The girls loved it, but Luke was bored.

The kids also had fun having a tea party with their great grandmother Kay!


Here is Sylvia eating Arby's.