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An Unexpected Lesson on Venn Diagrams

This morning we had to run Sylvia over to get a flu shot. I printed off the internet some Christmas worksheet packets that included crossword puzzles, mazes, word scrambles, etc. for Luke and Isabel. They worked on those while waiting for Sylvia and me at the doctor's. At home, I printed out coloring pages for the Twelve Days of Christmas that they have been coloring. I will have them sing the song while holding up their coloring pages for Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa. They then completed their Math worksheets, took a practice spelling test, and Luke wrote in his Take Five Journal. I had Luke also take a reading comprehension test on the internet and practice piano while Isabel read three of her books to me. Also, since one of Luke's questions on his reading comprehension had a Venn Diagram on it, we had a quick lesson on Venn Diagrams. I used some little plastic animals and drew two circles that overlap. One was "Eats Meat" and the other "Eats Plants." So they put the animals in the correct circle and in the overlapping area they put the omnivores.