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Multiplication Tables

Behind Isabel's back, Joey and I proudly call her "Rainman."  She memorizes everyone's birthdays, she knows our phone numbers and address, even our old address, and has all of her multiplication facts up to the elevens and then the fifteens memorized.  All without any help from me. Luke on the other hand has inherited my up-in-the-clouds brain.  Not necessarily a bad kind of brain, just difficult to keep numbers in.  We've gone through multiplication flashcards, worksheets, I've even tried mnemonic stories or rhyming to help him know his multiplication table.  After a day of feeling like he's made some progress, once we try again the next day, it's as if all of the numbers have fallen out of his brain again.

I am thinking about getting these multiplication table practice pads and have him fill one out every day.

Ooooo, I am sure these mnemonic stories might work.  (I don't think the ones I made up made much sense.)

I know what pencils to give my kids to use if they ever need to take a state math test...CHEATING!

As I was searching around for some ideas I learned about Kuku Tables.  Do they call it that because Math makes you Kuku?

Kuku - Memorizing Multiplication Tables

"Kuku" is a Japanese method for memorizing multiplication tables by using a rhythmic chant. Japanese students are supposed to learn "Kuku" by heart in the second grade. For example, "two times three equals six" is said as, ...

I think Genki-Math had this in mind for their youtube videos.  They just make me giggle. 8 Times Table Song Multiplication Table

"Maths Games - Which style do you prefer, this or the Hip Hop style of the 11 times table? To try and make math a little more interesting, here's a simple song of the 8 times table. If you know anyone who's learning their ti..."

But seriously, does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or resources on memorizing multiplication tables?