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Pretzel Yummys by the Vinoldham Company

A big thank you to Liz for her chocolate covered pretzel how to. Yesterday after lunch I tried making them with my kids. I am not very good chef or baker, so when I find something that is easy, not very many ingredients, fun to do with kids and delicious, I am thrilled. Luke and I were the dippers and Isabel decorated. Sylvia was the taster I guess. While we were making them, Luke and Isabel planned out how they would sell their pretzels and make money. Instead of telling them the hard truth, "Your pretzels are very sloppy looking and no one would buy them except for your grandparents out of pity", I told them that for Christmas we would just be making them for fun to give out to friends. They came up with the name, "Pretzel Yummys by the Vinoldham Company." Luke gave a bag full to his friend Aden and Isabel to her friend Morgan.