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Superhero Comic Book Project

I had a hunch Luke would be sleeping in since around 2 a.m. he woke me up to tell me that he was organizing his Gamecube games. So this morning I had Morgan, a friend of Isabel's, come over. While the girls played, I cleaned and Luke slept. Needless to say, school didn't get started until the afternoon. After Math we started our SUPERHERO COMIC BOOK PROJECT!!!! Luke loves making up his own superheros and stories so today they started on their characters. Their first page they drew and colored their superhero, then described their physical features. What color hair, costume, superhero logo etc. They then did another page on their superheros strengths, powers, abilities, vehicles, etc. Isabel and I were Superheroed out so I had her read Bob Books to me while Luke kept on going. Next he wrote about his superheroes weaknesses, dislikes, etc. Luke's superhero is Xtream Boy and Isabel's is Super Isabel (with a powerful hair bow of course.) We will then work together on the setting, problem and plot, do rough drafts, and finally with the finished copy I will color copy the whole thing and put it together like a real book! When I told them this, Luke was SO excited.

I am relieved that we are doing something Luke loves. I am pretty sure that sometimes he feels he is missing out by not going to public school. Would public school have an awesome Superhero Comic Book Class!??? I don't think so. Isabel is just loving home school. Before I started home schooling them, I thought it would be the opposite. For tomorrow I need to find a great art/craft project for Isabel. She loves that kind of stuff and I don't think we have been doing enough lately.