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High School Diplomas are for suckers.

I'd like to thank nko and Melissa for their helpful and encouraging comments about whether or not you need a high school diploma to get into college. nko also sent me this link to If you have a minute, take a look at it. I found it very interesting. Or, if you just want the gist, here is the main part that applies to home schoolers. 5) With the increasing number of parents choosing to home school their children, more colleges are now being approached by students with a less traditional background. Home schooling students usually do not earn a diploma but instead can take the SAT or ACT tests to gain admission to a college program. Unlike high school students, they may need to score better on college tests to gain admission. However, most home schooling students do just as well or better than the average high school student. There are several well known or prestigious colleges that have accepted home school students into their programs.