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A real life horticulturist and a real life botonist!

From my Horticulturist vs. Botanist? blog I received two awesome comments. One from Jamie the horticulturist and one from Nat the botanist. Luke loved reading them. Jamie praised the horticulture department at BYU Idaho and suggested we take a tour. I hear Idaho is beautiful, but that is way too far for us to drive. But, a great suggestion. I need to find out what Southern California college has a good program (Jamie, I am sure they wont have one nearly as great as BYU Idaho's of course) and see if we can take a tour there sometime while we are visiting my family. Nat sent us this link that was very interesting and fun to watch. Luke and I learned a lot from it! Now we want to try a Mangosteen! Today was a special P.E. day. We got together at a park with a lot of other homeschoolers and one fabulous mom with a lot of great equipment, games and leadership. My kids had a blast. We then went swimming this afternoon.


The other night Luke and I went out for sushi to celebrate him finishing his Math U See Beta book. Afterward we had a little award ceremony. We tried to get him to act normal for his picture, but this is the best we could get.