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While Joey and Luke were fishing in Utah, Isabel, Sylvia, Hazel and I decorated the man cave.

This is the best before picture I could find.  Notice the yellow walls and red floor.


My computer programmer needs a good place to work from home.  Isabel made the Man Cave mug.

I put his old beat up Karl Malone poster in a frame.  Not sure how old it is, but judging by the tight pants and tidy haircut, it's probably from quite a few years ago.

Didn't get a good picture (it's dark in the man cave) but here are the framed Back to the Future Movie posters.

LOVE this.  Delorean!

Some memorabilia from when Joey was a strapping young lad.

No man cave is complete with out a man's favorite blankie and teddy bear (Mark by the way.)

Since these pictures were taken we've added some of Joey's old high school basketball trophies, little league trophies and these classic light switch plates.  If you ever visit Joey's man cave you better know the rules, or rule: No saying "excuse me" when you fart or burp.