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Murphy's Law and Steller's Sea Eagle

It appears that Sabrina's School doesn't get school pictures taken in September like most schools. This morning we went to Sears and got the kids yearly picture taken. Sylvia wasn't very helpful. Let's just say that Murphy and his law come to mind. But in Sylvia's defense, at least she waited until after the photo shoot to have those two, yes two, diarrhea explosions in the store. Enough said. By the time we got back it was lunch and then I spent so long trying to email the pictures to family, posting them on my blog and getting my lessons for today ready that it was two o'clock! I put Christmas symbols in a bag and had Luke and Isabel take turns picking one out. I would then read from my Christmas folder what the symbol means.

Green Fir Tree = Everlasting Hope. Santa = Giving. Star = Promise. Candy Cane = Being our Brother's Keeper. Candle = Thanks. Bell = Guidance and Return. Bow = Good Will. Wreath = Eternal Love. Red = Christ Blood.

Luke then wrote a formal letter to Santa and I had Isabel make a list. Luckily their lists are pretty short and modest. I then had them enter a contest from their Ranger Rick Magazine. In the back of the magazine there is a picture of a bird. If you identify the bird and write it's name on a post card and send it in with your name and address, the top ten people whose card they pick will receive a "Green at Heart" wristband (whatever that is).We found out that the bird is a Steller's Sea Eagle, a cousin of the Bald Eagle.

They then watched a Bill Nye about farming. As I type, they are taking their practice spelling test and afterward I will give them their Math worksheets to do.