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Day and Night World Map

So, lately I've been really a slacker about school. Right now we are still waiting for Luke's math book so I declared this week, "track break." But I do so love the unexpected snippets of everyday learning. Today Luke was imagining that the earth from space at night would look really neat. So we got on Google images and checked some pictures out. We then looked at this day and night world map.  Luke asked why the nighttime part is shaped like a "U."  I got down the globe and explained (as best as I could) about the earth's tilt and how if you are far enough north or south, depending on the time of year, the sun might be up for months or down for months.  While Isabel was at her dance class Luke and I were watching a Discovery Channel documentary about the ice hotel in Sweden.   Coincidentally, it showed and talked about how they had to build the hotel in the dark a lot because the sun was only up for a few hours and that for a month and a half it wouldn't come up at all.

Isabel and I got our Signing Time DVD's from the library!  Watching a sign language DVD with my daughter is school I can definitely do while I am having a lazy week.