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Girl Mom

Before I had children I never thought I would make a good mom for girls.  I don't know how to do hair, buy clothes, or whatever else girl moms are supposed to know how to do.  I was shocked when I found out that Hazel was a girl...THREE girls?!  When they fight with each other it's in a big way. Poor Isabel is the oldest and can't reason with the her two crazy sisters that have NO respect for her organizational skills.

Poor Sylvia is stuck being the little sister (getting bossed around) and being the big sister (having to share with a toddler.)

Poor Hazel has Isabel who, although good intentioned, OVERLY loves and fusses over her and Sylvia who steals her toys.

At this time in my life, what makes me happiest in life is seeing my girls play peacefully together.  This breakfast tea party game is one that they have no problem playing (so long as Isabel is the hostess in charge.)

Being the mother of girls, I found that the most difficult things aren't things like doing their hair (I have taught myself to french braid by the way).  It's knowing that I am their biggest female role model.  I love my girls, they teach me so much, and not just about dolls, clothes and princesses.