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Webkinz School and Obstacle Course

While I was putting Christmas away, Luke played his new Game Cube game, Isabel rode her new scooter and Sylvia ran around "helping" me. Luke and Isabel then played online with their new Webkinz pets. I don't want to explain what Webkinz are for two reasons, one, that's just more typing for me and two, who ever is reading this is probably more clued in than I am and already knows all about them. Just click on the link if you don't know. All I have to say about them is, inexpensive and educational. They are great! Maybe my Sabrina School can be changed to Webkinz School. Every morning I'll just tell my kids, "Here's your stuffed animal now go to the computer and have school." Kidding. Since we live in Las Vegas, it rarely snows, but it does get pretty cold. Even though there is grass and blue sky's outside, it's difficult to convince myself to get out there with the kids. So today I set up an obstacle course in the backyard. You don't need much. Joey had bought us some little orange plastic cones and hula hoops and in the garage I found some left over 2 by 4s. The course was to jump over the parallel cuts of wood, walk across the balance beam, jump rope ten times, run around the cones and then hula hoop two times around your hips (we are amateur hula hoopers.)


The one thing I DO need for this obstacle course is a good hand held timer or stop watch. I kept having to run into the kitchen and set the timer on the microwave. The kids liked seeing how fast the three of us could make it through the course. Afterward Isabel liked moving the cones,wood, etc. around to make her own course.